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My Springfield M1A
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Gun: Springfield Armory M1A
Accessories:  Harris Bipod, Springfield 3rd Generation Scope mount,
Bushnell 10x40 Elite 3200 Mil-Dot Scope, Home made cheek rest (Temporary)


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[Wiking]Staf.Keller (ME), Shooting my WWII Mauser K98

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[Wiking]Stubaf.Hartmann shooting my K98

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[Wiking]Hstuf.Gerat shooting my Lee-Enfield

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Some of my WWII Items, some are Original, some aren't.

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My "personally" rebuilt M40 Stahlhelm w/SS Decals
(When I purchased the helmet it was just a black shell)

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My K98, 2 Bayonets, and a pair of K98 ammo pouches.
(All Original)

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My collection of WWII 21st Century Toys "Man-Barbies"