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Wiking News

September 16th 2003

For those of you that haven't heard yet, Valve is replacing the WON 
authentication with their own "Steam" network.  You will soon have to
download the Steam client in order to play DoD.  In my opinion it is
total bullshit, and a large pain in the ass.  I have downloaded and installed
Steam but I can't get the piece of crap to work with my DoD Retail version.
Here's hoping you have better luck.

Get Steam at

If you need help getting Steam installed or for general Steam info, go here.

August 11th 2003

I have made a custom "Wiking" button for axis_select.
If anyone wants it contact me on ICQ or IRC.


August 10th 2003

My first attempt at a DoD map is complete, unfortunately this free website
won't allow me to host it so you will have to get it off me on ICQ or on IRC.
The map is called dod_sniper and it's a 1 on 1 sniper duel map.  Obviously
this has been done before but I have taken it to the next level.  There are
countless sniper spots in this map and it will take time for you to discover
them all.  Have a look at the pictures below.  This map is totally fair
since both sides of the map are identical.

dod_sniper0000.gif (94446 bytes)    dod_sniper0001.gif (87396 bytes)    dod_sniper0002.gif (88300 bytes)

dod_sniper0003.gif (99589 bytes)    dod_sniper0004.gif (114827 bytes)    dod_sniper0005.gif (130476 bytes)

Oh yeah, I don't know if dod_thewall will ever get finished.  It wasn't working
out all that well.  I made too many rookie mistakes and it made the map virtually
unplayable.  Don't worry though, better things are in the works.


August 3rd 2003

I added some screenshots of my DoD map that is being built.
I have no idea how long until it will be done or if it will ever
be finished. Screenshots




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