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Wiking News

July 14th 2003

I have updated the members list, some minor changes.
Also, please note [Wiking]Stubaf.Hartmann's promotion to
Sturmbannführer.  Congratulations Hartmann.  In order to keep
up with things I am now [Wiking]Staf.Keller: Standartenführer.



May 12th 2003

I have cleaned house once again, inactive members have been removed.
If you're name is gone and it shouldn't be just let me know and I'll put it back up.
(Contact me via ICQ - #129276517)

DoD v1.0 has opened a whole new door of opportunity for Wiking and I will
will be steadily recruiting new members.  I will once again build Wiking into a
powerful force in DoD.




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